Just what the title says.

I’ve created buildings enough to compose a small industrial park and render it in Blender 3D. It’s a bit tricky, but the results from the cycles renderer is so nice! I love the look of colored rubber you get just with a diffuse light.

I’m moving to make some residential buildings now, and maybe some skyscrapers.

(6MB 4k image)

4k factories

I’m quite fond of the silliest buildings, like the gas station on the left or the container yard, because it looks like a pile of pencil erasures. Also, the central factory named 7DRL, because it was made during the 7 Day Roguelike Challenge.

I should do some vehicles? Probably.


All my pieces are, unless otherwise mentioned,  licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

Creative Commons License

That means basically that everything is okay as long as you credit me as author.




  1. Your voxel creation have impressed me so much!!! 🙂

    I really like it especially cute & bad robots and industrial park.

    Now i’m a bit sad I haven’t find your page month or 2 ago, before I started ascii-patrol game. I’m almost sure -‘d be working on a voxel-patrol instead!

    Thanks so much sharing it, keep it going 🙂


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