I tried to make a cute nice Earth with Magica Voxel. I failed at making it… hm… Roundy?

So I took the least resistance path and made it hexaedrical, copying the awesome ideas  from Cubical Drift. The little elevation was taken from one of those excellent bump maps you can find around to make proper Earth models.

I exported the model to Blender 3D, to get fancy lights and transparent clouds. Also, I wanted an animated gif. I can make the model public if someone asks me, but it’s quite unprecise and it was made reaaaally fast. Do your own Earth, just for fun.


All my pieces are, unless otherwise mentioned,  licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

Creative Commons License

That means basically that everything is okay as long as you credit me as author.



2 thoughts on “VOXEL EARTH

  1. Good work on everything that you have done so far. I really enjoy your work, and the way that you rendered this in Blender is excellent.
    Just as a note for your future works, I suggest making a licensing page. I noticed on your character set you had a CC-BY-SA license. If you are planning on being serious, make a Licensing page. Say something like: “all my pieces are (x license), unless otherwise mentioned”. I just wanted to give you a heads up, and will be visiting here again.



    1. Interesting question.

      I think I haven’t taken my own work really seriously, just a a fun experiment to play with, between works and video renders.

      But yes, you’re right, I should wrap the tiles in packages and make a Licensing page so anyone interested can download/use the assets without problems.

      Thanks for the insight!


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