I keep doing voxel trains. This time, military trains. By no means realistic.
One of the videogames that blowed my mind looong time ago was one called Transartica, about a giant train crossing a frozen earth and battling other convoys.

I’ve been coming back to the idea of war trains regularly.

Magicavoxel has now a really neat isometric renderer, that provides these really lovely models:

plain rail road
Armored gunwagon
Barracks with searchlight
Cargo car.
The basic chassis I’ve used for the rest of the carriages
I’m quite sure there’s never been a radar on a train platform
Diesel locomotive. Quite sovietic, huh?

And this is how an assembled convoy looks. I wish I knew how to code a wartrain game, now.

Some of the wagons and locomotives for display
Some of the wagons and locomotives for display

Remember that you can do even beter things just playing with MagicaVoxel and give its author some love:


All my pieces are, unless otherwise mentioned,  licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

Creative Commons License

That means basically that everything is okay as long as you credit me as author.




  1. Hello,
    This is some really nice work that you are making here, and the designs are really nice. The brown tone throughout has a nice effect, but what about making some sort of variable piece to it, so that teams can be different? Maybe a space for an emblem to be positioned or even a different color scheme?

    As always, great work,


    1. I was just experimenting with the basic shapes, and trying to get a big range of wagons before anything else.

      Once it clearly grown to a full art project, I decided to use simple hue shifts by now. If there ever is a battle trains game (i wish!) I’ll gladly make factions iconography or custom wagons.

      Right now I’m doing some stations, and robo-locomotives.


  2. Hey man! Just wanted to say that your voxel work is awesome! Do you have a twitter account so I can follow what you do? It’s pretty hard to find good voxel artists, so I’d be glad to follow you! You can find me at @Sir_carma if you want! Cheers and keep up the good work!


    1. That’s really flattering coming from someone with your website. I’ve seen your work lurking around and looking for inspiration, but no, I don’t have a twitter account.

      Too much noise for my taste. Maybe one day. I’ll let you know if that day arrives!


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