My job demands right now that i get better at ‘proper’ 3D, much more than voxel 3D, so I haven’t played with Magicavoxel for a while. But it’s an itch I must scratch, so I’ll be back.

In the meanwhile, some heads and bodies. The idea is to make a set of exchangeable parts: heads, limbs, modules and other robot-y cool looking pieces. With 10 different heads, bodies, arms / manipulators  and legs / tracks / wheels / tentacles / displacer modules I should be able to get enough variation.

I already have a dozen heads and half a dozen robot bodies, all based in simple geometric forms. The inspirations were my mediocre classical sketching abilities and the lovely scifi toys and movies from the 30-60’s, and the use of really simple straight and sound shapes allow me to do a lot with really little time (and fits my starter skills).

I guess I’ll make a package of all them once I get them rigged, so anybody can download it and use the models.

but in the meantime:

3 basic robot bodies.
Isometric view. +2 to all Cuteness rolls. Also, it helps with proportions and scale.
Example with head and one rigged arm
There are great differences in size, to accentuate their non-natural look. If a joint looks like it’s rigged, it probably is.
Front view. Some oh the heads are meant to hang from a pole, and the bigger ones will have their own limbs attached

One thought on “SOME MORE RETRO-(e)ROBOTS

  1. Good job on all the work so far, it is shaping up very well. With all the combinations this is shaping up to be very interesting ideas. Keep on the excellent models.


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